HotBox 1.0

Make anything full screen

HotBox is a smart little preference pane item that lets you zoom in anywhere on your screen. View full description


  • Run with any keystroke
  • Goo use of zoom


  • Trouble mounting dmg


HotBox is a smart little preference pane item that lets you zoom in anywhere on your screen.

Few Mac users know this, but using a simple keyboard shortcut, you can zoom in and out of your screen. What HotBox does is allow you to select a specific area and zoom into it, making it full screen. The item is really easy to work with once you know the keyboard shortcuts (which you can set yourself) to launch, zoom in and zoom out. You can also choose to fade out all other elements and focus on the one you zoomed into.

Despite being very easy to use, the application was a little difficult to configure. The disk image took time to mount and once the item was installed, we still had to go into mouse and keyboard preferences and set the proper keyboard shortcuts for zoom in and zoom out to get HotBox to work.

On the whole though, HotBox is a great preference pane item to have if you need to zoom in onto an area of your screen, like if you are working on design on photography.

Despite a confusing setup process, HotBox is a nifty little tool to zoom in on any part of your screen.

HotBox is a background application that allows you to make anything on screen full screen! Just press a keystroke and drag a box around whatever you want, and it'll fill your entire monitor.

It works great for things like webpages with videos or flash movies that don't have a full screen button, games you want to play full screen, text or images you want to enlarge, or anything else you might ever want to see become big. Anything that's on the screen can be made full screen, so the possibilities are potentially endless!

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HotBox 1.0